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Upcoming Atlas Cloud Pricing Update

· 5 min read
Rotem Tamir

Hi everyone,

We are updating you on a pricing change we will be rolling out to Atlas Cloud on March 15th, 2024.

As you know, Atlas is an open-core project, which means that while its core is an Apache 2-licensed open-source project, we are building it as a commercial, cloud-connected solution built and supported by our company, Ariga. As with any startup, our understanding of the product and the market are constantly evolving, and this pricing change is a reflection of that evolution.

Atlas Plans

Even through this change, we will keep providing the Atlas community with three options for how to consume Atlas.

  • Free Plan (formerly "Community Plan") - for individuals and small teams that want to unlock the full potential of Atlas. This plan will remain free forever and provides full access to all the capabilities of Atlas as a CLI as well as access to enough Atlas Cloud quota to successfully manage a single project. Support is provided via public community support channels.

  • Business Plan (formerly "Team Plan") - for teams professionally using Atlas beyond a single project. This plan has the same features and capabilities as the Free Plan but allows teams to purchase additional quotas if required. In addition, teams subscribing to this plan will get access to priority email support and in-app support via Intercom.

  • Enterprise Plan - for larger organizations looking to solve schema management at scale. This plan includes a dedicated support channel, solution engineering, and other features required for adoption by enterprises.

Why Change

The main reason for this change is the feedback we received from many small teams that the previous $295/month minimum price tag for the Team Plan was prohibitive and that a more gradual, usage-based pricing model would help them adopt Atlas in their organizations.

New Pricing

We’ve tried to keep the new pricing model as simple as possible. We have learned from our investors, advisors, and customers that a seat-based pricing model is less optimal as it disincentivizes the adoption of Atlas by people in roles with a lower-touch engagement. As such, we have made the new pricing model usage-based. Let’s break down how this is going to work.

Projects. The first dimension by which the new model works is the number of projects that you store in the Atlas Cloud schema registry. Currently, this is equal to the number of migration directories that you migrate push to Atlas Cloud, but soon we will also add support for schema push for declarative workflows.


  • Each project will cost $59 per month.
  • The Free Plan will include a single project free of charge.

Target Databases. Each project (migration directory) can be deployed to multiple target databases. This may be different environments (dev, staging, prod) or different tenants (for projects that manage separate databases per customer).


  • Each target database will cost $39 per month.
  • The Free Plan will include 2 target databases free of charge.
  • Whenever you purchase quota for an additional project, you will also get a bundled additional target database free of charge.

If pricing by target DB doesn't work for your particular use case, please reach out to us to discuss alternative solutions.

Additional Changes

  • Seats. The free plan will include 3 seats free of charge. Teams upgrading to business will receive 30 seats (regardless of how many projects and databases they use). This limit is supposed to allow as many people as needed to use Atlas Cloud features, but still impose some limit beyond which we expect teams to consider the Enterprise Plan.

  • Data Retention. Atlas users generate plenty of data which we store in our databases. To prevent it from becoming unsustainable for us to support free users over the long run, we are imposing a 30-day data retention limit on CI runs and deployment logs for free users. Business users get 90-day retention by default. If this becomes an issue for you, feel free to reach out to us and we will work something out.

  • Runs. Free Plan users can now report up to 100 CI Runs or Deployments (previously 500) per month in their cloud account. Business and Enterprise users can store an unlimited amount of runs.

Thanking Existing Users

As a way of saying thanks to existing early users who have trusted us to be part of their engineering infrastructure, we have worked out a few options for you to continue using Atlas without interruption. We will be reaching out to admins of these accounts personally to share the details.

This doesn’t work for me

If these changes cause an issue for you or you would like to discuss your specific pricing needs, please let me know personally via Email, Discord, Intercom, or Homing Pigeon 🙂.

-- Rotem and Ariel