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Welcome to Atlas

Atlas is a language-independent tool for managing and migrating database schemas using modern DevOps principles. It offers two workflows:

  • Declarative: Similar to Terraform, Atlas compares the current state of the database to the desired state, as defined in an HCL, SQL, or ORM schema. Based on this comparison, it generates and executes a migration plan to transition the database to its desired state.

  • Versioned: Unlike other tools, Atlas automatically plans schema migrations for you. Users can describe their desired database schema in HCL, SQL, or their chosen ORM, and by utilizing Atlas, they can plan, lint, and apply the necessary migrations to the database.

Quick Start

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Get started with Atlas in 5 minutes.


To download and install the latest release of the Atlas CLI, simply run the following in your terminal:

curl -sSf | sh

The default binaries distributed in official releases are released under the Atlas EULA. If you would like obtain a copy of Atlas Community Edition (under an Apache 2 license) follow the instructions here.


Choose your preferred way to represent the desired state of your database.

Generating Migration

Atlas offers two workflows to generate and plan migration changes, choose which one works best for you. In both workflows, Atlas automatically plans schema migrations based on your desired schema.

Verifying Migration Safety

Atlas verifies your migrations by running them against various checks to ensure their safety and validity. Verify these changes locally, or as part of your CI process.

Deploying Migrations

Deploy migrations to target databases in production by integrating natively with the rest of your infrastructure management.

Atlas Cloud

Gain full visibility into the databases in your development and production environments with visualizations, detailed logs and troubleshooting capabilities.

Supported Databases

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SQL Server

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