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Manual Migrations

In some cases it is desirable to add a migration file manually. This could be done to provision resources that Atlas does not yet capture in its DDL (such as triggers and views) or to seed data with INSERT statements.

To manually add a new migration file to the directory use the migrate new command.


When using migrate new to create a new migration file users may supply the following flags:

  • --dir the URL of the migration directory, by default it is file://migrations, e.g a directory named migrations in the current working directory.

Migration name

Users may optionally add a final positional argument to set the name of the migration file. This name will be appended to the migration version number in the filename as such: <version>_<name>.sql.

Recalculating the directory hash

Atlas maintains a file named atlas.sum in the migration directory. This file is used to ensure the integrity of the migration directory and force developers to deal with situations where migration order or contents was modified after the fact.

After manually editing the contents of a newly created migration file, the checksums for the directory must be recalculated. This can be done by running atlas migrate hash --force command.


Creating a new migration file:

atlas migrate new

Creating a new migration file named "add_user":

atlas migrate new add_user

Creating a new migration file in a specific directory:

atlas migrate new --dir file://custom/path/to/dir