Manage your
database schemas with Atlas CLI

Atlas CLI is an open source tool that helps developers manage their database schemas by applying modern DevOps principles. Contrary to existing tools, Atlas intelligently plans schema migrations for you, based on your desired state.


Define your schemas using the Atlas DDL

Atlas DDL is a declarative, Terraform-like configuration language designed to capture an organization’s data topology. Currently, it supports defining schemas for SQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and MariaDB.

Powering Ent


Atlas powers Ent, an entity framework for Go, is a Linux foundation backed project, originally developed and open sourced by Facebook in 2019. Ent uses Atlas as its migration engine, allowing Ent users to unlock safe and robust migration workflows for their applications.

Migrate, your way.

Atlas provides the user with two types of migrations - declarative and versioned.

Declarative Migrations

Declarative migrations are migrations in which the user provides the desired state, and Atlas gets your schema there instantly.

Versioned Migrations

Atlas offers you an alternative workflow, in which migrations are explicitly defined and assigned a version. Atlas can then bring a schema to the desired version by following the migrations between the current version and the specified one.