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Getting Started with Atlas Cloud

What is Atlas Cloud?

Atlas Cloud is an online platform that supplements the Atlas CLI to allow teams to build robust, end-to-end schema management workflows. We built it to help teams make the most out of Atlas with as little friction and effort as possible.

What can I do with Atlas Cloud?

  • Store your migration directories in a central location - Atlas Cloud allows you to push your migrations in a central location which greatly simplifies the process of deploying your migrations to production.
  • Continuous Integration - If you're not careful, it's easy to accidentally deploy a schema migration that breaks your application. Atlas Cloud automatically simulates and reviews your migrations during the CI process to ensure that your migrations are safe to deploy.
  • Deployments - Atlas Cloud seamlessly integrates with modern deployment tools like Kubernetes and Terraform to make it easy to deploy your migrations to production as part of your existing CD process.
  • Visibility - Atlas Cloud provides a single pane of glass to view the status of your migrations across all of your environments. You can also view the status of individual migrations to see which migrations have been deployed to which environments.

How do I get started?

  1. Create an account - in the signup page or from the CLI:

    atlas login
  2. Connect a migration directory - To unlock CI, deployments and visibility features you need to connect a migration directory to your account. Follow this guide to learn how.

  3. Deploy from your connected directory - Once you've connected a migration directory, you can deploy migrations from your Cloud account. Follow this guide to learn how.

Can I see a demo?

Yes, head over to our live demo account to see Atlas Cloud in action.

Can I use Atlas Cloud for free?

Atlas Cloud comes with a free "Community" plan which should be more than enough for most teams.

To learn more see the pricing page.

How do I get access to beta drivers?

Atlas Cloud users can get early access to beta drivers by joining the Atlas Cloud Beta Program. To join the program, you first need to create an account on Atlas Cloud, enable it in your account settings, and then login to the CLI using your Atlas identity.

  1. Sign up first on Atlas Cloud.

  2. Go to the account settings by clicking your avatar. Then, select the driver you want to get access to. For example, Microsoft SQL Server.

    Screenshot example

  3. Last, run atlas login to login or refetch your account permissions:

    $ atlas login a8m
    You are now connected to "a8m" on Atlas Cloud.