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Connect Migration Directories

The following guide explains how to connect a migration directory to Atlas Cloud. Once connected, Atlas provides a list of features enabling users to seamlessly audit their migration history, run continuous migration linting on their PRs, monitor executed migrations and receive Slack notifications, among other capabilities.

There are two ways for connecting migration directories to Atlas Cloud:

  1. Push mode: Set up a GitHub Action, atlas-sync-action, to persist the desired state of the migration directory in Atlas Cloud. Refer to the Action documentation for installation guidance for your project.

  2. Pull mode: Connect your migration directory stored in GitHub with the Atlas GitHub App. To do so, follow these steps:

    • Navigate to /dirs and click on Add Directory.

    • Select Continue with GitHub and grant Atlas access to the relevant repositories.

    • Once authorized by GitHub, select the path to the migration directory and click Connect Directory.

      Screenshot example

    • After the migration files are processed, you will be redirected to the migration directory page.

      Screenshot example

Slack Integration

You can use Slack Webhooks to receive updates in your Slack channel about schema changes, CI runs and deployment statuses of your migration directory. Make sure you have a Slack incoming webhook configured (you can create one here).

Select your migration directory, go to "Webhooks" and click on Add Webhook.

Screenshot example

Select the Slack integration, Choose the events you want to be notified about and insert your webhook URL. Click on Add Webhook to confirm.

Once the Webhook is created, you will be redirected to the Webhooks page. Select a webhook to edit its configuration and to view its delivery history.

Screenshot example

You can also test the webhook by clicking on Send Ping.