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Schema Docs

Schema Docs


Atlas Cloud maintains always up-to-date, automatically generated documentation for your database schema.

Why Schema Docs?

When working in a larger organization, having up-to-date documentation of the database schema becomes increasingly important. Whether it's for onboarding new team members, or for streamlining collaboration between different functions in the organization, having a single source of truth for the database schema in a format that is easy to understand and navigate is crucial.

In addition, as a company matures, it is common to see some databases grow in complexity to a point where it becomes difficult to keep track of all the tables, columns, and relationships. After many years of development and changes, it is not uncommon to see databases with hundreds of tables and thousands of columns whose authors are no longer with the company. In such cases, having a tool that can automatically generate and keep up-to-date the documentation of the database can bring clarity and understanding that is necessary for the organization to continue to grow and evolve.

How it works

Schema Docs are regenerated whenever you push a new version of your schema to Atlas Cloud. It is therefore recommended to set up your CI pipeline in such a way that it pushes the schema to Atlas Cloud whenever changes are made to the main branch of your project.

Learn how to connect a directory to Atlas Cloud

Schema Docs available from within the project overview page. You can access it by clicking on the "Docs" tab at the top of the page.