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Feature Compatability

Atlas is Open-Core

Atlas is an open-core project. The core engine is open-source and available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. Open-source features cover the core functionality of Atlas, including database inspection, diffing, migration planning and execution, and more. For the basic and common use cases, the open-source version of Atlas is more than enough.

In addition, Atlas also offers a number of advanced features that are only available in proprietary versions. The vast majority of these features are available in the Free Plan of Atlas, which you can use for free by creating an Atlas account. The Free Plan has some limitations, but those pertain mostly to the number of projects you can use in Atlas Cloud.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is available to all Atlas users. Create your Atlas Free Plan account by running the following command and following the instructions on the screen:

atlas login

Feature Availability

This document compares the CLI features available to users who are logged in to Atlas Cloud and those who are not.

CLI Features

Database InspectionOpen
Schema DiffingOpen
Versioned MigrationsOpen
Declarative MigrationsOpen
Migration LintingOpen
Migration CheckpointsRequires Login
Schema VisualizationRequires Login
Interactive MigrationsRequires Login

Schema Visualization as well as Interactive Migrations are features that require connectivity to the cloud and hence are not available in the open-source version of Atlas.

Database Support

All common open-source RDBMS are supported in all versions of Atlas. In addition, Atlas also supports SQL Server and ClickHouse in the Free Plan of Atlas Cloud.

SQL ServerRequires Login (Beta)
ClickHouseRequires Login (Beta)

Database Features

Most common database features are supported in all versions of Atlas. More advanced features are available by running atlas login.

Tables and ColumnsOpen
Foreign KeysOpen
ViewsRequires Login
Materialized ViewsRequires Login
Stored ProceduresRequires Login
FunctionsRequires Login
TriggersRequires Login
Sequences (Postgres)Requires Login
Domain Types (Postgres)Requires Login

Data Sources

Data Sources are a powerful feature of Atlas that allows you to load data from external sources into your Atlas Project.

Data SourceAvailability
HCL SchemaOpen
External SchemaOpen
Remote DirOpen
Template DirOpen
AWS RDS TokenOpen
GCP CloudSQL TokenOpen
Composite SchemaRequires Login